First Call (closed)

MYBL First Call – 2015

JPI More Years Better Lives  Joint Transnational Call for Proposals (2015) for

Extended Working Life and its Interaction with Health, Wellbeing and beyond


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2 June 2015, JPI MYBL closed its first call for proposals with 41 proposals. The call launched on April 1st 2015. The aim of was to support innovative and interdisciplinary research into the drivers to, and constraints on, extending working life. The call invited proposals for funding research into one or more of four broad topics:

  • Modern work factors
  • Longer working life & Inequality
  • Health challenges
  • Caring responsibilitie

Research was expected to cross the traditional boundaries of Government departments and occupational sectors and to examine the implications of extending working life for older workers (50+), new labour markets, health, wellbeing and intergenerational equity.

After the proposals of the First Call of the JPI MYBL were evaluated during this summer the review meeting took place in October. The funding recommendation was based on the peer review report, the national criteria and the budgets available. The applicants have been informed about the results. The start of the projects is envisaged for the beginning of 2016. Further information will follow soon.



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