Overview on national research programmes in the field of Demographic Change

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Society and Future
Connection between food, health and lifestyle
Education research and post-vocational degree occupations
Health and prevention
The Future of Living and Housing
Public Health Challenges (SALVE)
The Future of Work and Well-being
Social Innovations for Quality of Life in Old Age (Soziale Innovationen für Lebensqualität im Alter (SILQUA-FH))
IKT 2020 – Research for innovations
Call "Capacity for innovation in the demographic change"
Technology and Services for Demographic Change (Technologie und Dienstleistungen im demografischen Wandel)
Systems Biology of Health in Old Age (Systembiologie für die Gesundheit im Alter – GerontoSys2)
Healthy Ageing (Gesundheit im Alter)
Innovative Aids in Rehabilitation and for disabled Persons (Innovative Hilfen in der Rehabilitation und für Behinderte)
Research on Care (Pflegeforschung)
Research on Prevention (Präventionsforschung)
Innovation for family and elderly friendly city quarters (Innovationen für familien- und altengerechte Stadtquartiere)
ASPA - Activating senior potential in ageing Europe
EURHOMAP: Mapping professional home care in Europe
New models to take care of frail older people from the hospital to the territory and from the territory tot he hospital: case management and quality of life.
SMILING: Self Mobility Improvement in the eLderly by counteractING falls
Happy ageing: A Home Based Approach to the Years of Ageing
The VINTAGE project
PreventieKracht dicht bij huis / Prevention power project
Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Ageing
Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP)
National Care for the Elderly Programme
Healthy, safe and productive work