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Research axis “Demographic challenge and social cohesion”


1.1 mio €

BELSPO – Belgian Federal Science Policy Office

Demographic change is a phenomenon largely documented (e.g. by several authorities at the Belgian and European and international level, but also in the research programme ATLAS of the Science Policy Office) and will therefore not constitute the focus of this area. However, the challenges, the implications and opportunities of these demographic changes are the core of this research area. At world scale, demographic change is challenging the traditional strategic, political, economical, social and environmental equilibriums. These trends have been a source of major concerns throughout the world and are at the forefront of the political agenda, in Belgium, in Europe and in the world. While the world population will continue to grow, large parts of the globe are experiencing stagnation and even decline of their population. In Belgium, recent projections show that the population will grow in a rather modest portion in the coming decades, but will considerably be older and more cosmopolite. Scientists can contribute to a better understanding of the challenges of the demographic change in Belgium in a global/European perspective and imagine new solutions to turn challenges and perceived threats into opportunities. Integrating the generic perspective Information dossier- Appendix A page 12/16 3rd call TA “Inequality and social cohesion” is compulsory in any proposal in this research axis, along with another (or more) perspective that can be freely chosen from the list above.

open to all disciplines who can bring relevant information within the above mentioned description. Main focus remains however social cohesion in the light of demographic change

Social Systems & Welfare

2 to 3 research projects funded (will be finalised in december this year).

social sciences – policy evaluation -

higher education institutions (universitites, high schools), public research centers.

budget dedicated to research contract (all budget spent in 2010)

foreign partners can be included in research networks (up to two) and can be allocated a maximum of 20% of the budget of the proposal

We are waiting for a new government to implement a new framework programme and hope this framework can include “demographic change” as a central topic.


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