JPI MYBL Newsletter

November 2016 - First Issue

• What is JPI MYBL?

• JPI MYBL Conference 1-2 December 2016.

• Call 2017:  Pre-announcement.

• Call 2016: 5 projects funded.

• Call 2015: 5 projects started.

• Upcoming Events.


What is JPI MYBL?

More Years Better Lives (MYBL) is a Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) that focusses on the potential and challenges of demographic change. The JPI MYBL follows a transnational, multi-disciplinary approach bringing together different research programs and researchers from various disciplines in order to provide solutions for the upcoming challenges and make use of the potential of societal change in Europe. Currently 15 European countries plus Canada and Israel are participating in the JPI MYBL.


JPI MYBL Conference on Health, Ageing and Migration on 1-2 December 2016 in Rome

On the first two days of December the JPI MYBL Conference will take place, entitled 'Health, Ageing and Migration: new patterns of demographic change. Past work and future challenges of the JPI MYBL'. Day 1 will be dedicated to an overview from experts on hot topics related to demographic change and presentations from the projects funded by MYBL. On day 2 three parallel sessions will be held, related to migration, welfare models and the ageing population. For more information, the program and registration form, please go to our event webpage.
Participation is still possible (no registration fee), so register now!

Start conference: Thursday, December 1st – 14.00 CET
End conference: Friday, December 2nd – 16.00 CET

Catholic University of The Sacred Heart and
University Policlinic A. Gemelli Foundation – Rome, Italy.


Pre-announcement joint call 2017: 'Ageing in place in a digitising world'

The JPI MYBL supports research through joint calls for proposals. Projects are expected to be multi-disciplinary, to cross the traditional boundaries of Government, departments and sectors. The Joint Transnational Call for proposals 2017 will be launched on 7 December, during the European summit on Digital Innovation for Active & Healthy Ageing in Brussels. The call is concerned with the ways in which the wellbeing of older people, at all stages of later life, is supported and promoted through the design of the physical environment, the use of technologies of all kinds, and access to opportunities for learning. The objective is to attract innovative investigations which cross the boundaries of conventional academic disciplines, giving preference to proposals which explore the potential of interactions between the themes of place, learning and technology.

At the summit, the chair of the Societal Advisory Board Dr. Heidrun Mollenkopf will participate in the workshop session on 'Accelerating Uptake of Innovation for Health and Ageing: Listen to users' (6 December, 13:30-14:30).


Second call on understanding welfare models: 5 projects funded

The Joint Transnational Call 2016 was launched in January with the topic 'Welfare, Wellbeing and Demographic Change: Understanding Welfare Models'. The call closed in April this year. 14 National funding agencies from 11 different countries participated with a funding commitment of € 7.970.000. The aim of the call was to support research which would improve the understanding of how different approaches to welfare secure the quality of life, especially for older people. The call objective was to develop comparative perspectives on “welfare models” and the ways in which they are changing, drawing on the great diversity of approaches to welfare across Europe and Canada. The Peer Review Panel meeting took place on September 7-8th 2016 and the 5 projects selected for funding will start at the beginning of 2017.


First joint call on extended working life: 5 projects started

In the first call for proposals, launched in 2015 and entitled ‘Extended Working Life and its Interaction with Health, Wellbeing and beyond’, the JPI MYBL has funded 5 projects that recently started (click the titles for more information):

• WORKLONG: Impact of interventions and policies on prolonging working life in good health (The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden)

• FACTAGE: Fairer ACTive AGeing for Europe (Belgium, Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain)

• LONGLIVES: Policies for longer working lives: understanding interactions with health and care responsibilities (Germany, Denmark, France, United Kingdom)

• EXTEND: Extending working lives of an ageing workforce (Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Finland)

• THRIVE: Tackling health inequalities and extending working lives (United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Denmark)


JPI MYBL on social media

JPI MYBL has recently become active on social media. To stay informed about JPI MYBL and its activities, please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and subscribe to the newsletter on our website.


Upcoming Events

JPI MYBL events

• December 1-2, 2016: JPI MYBL Conference 'Health, Ageing and Migration: New Patterns Of Demographic Change. Past work and future challenges of the JPI MYBL' in Rome, Italy 

JPI MYBL internal meetings

• November 29-30, 2016: Scientific and Societal Advisory Board meeting in Rome, Italy

• November 30 - December 1st, 2016: JPI MYBL General Assembly meeting in Rome, Italy

• November 30, 2016: Networking meeting of JPI MYBL JTC 2015 projects in Rome, Italy

Events in MYBL ERA

• December 5-8, 2016: European summit on Digital Innovation for Active & Healthy Ageing in Brussels, Belgium