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January 2017 - Second Issue

• Joint call 2017 launched

• Highlights of the JPI MYBL Conference

• Call 2016: 5 project started

• Announcement Fast Track Migration

• Brochure JPIs: addressing societal challenges

• Upcoming Events


Joint call 2017 launched - submit your proposal!

The JPI MYBL Joint Transnational Call 2017 on ‘Ageing and place in a digitising world’, was launched on January 11. The call is concerned with the ways in which the wellbeing of older people, at all stages of later life, is supported and promoted through the design of the physical environment, the use of technology, and access to learning opportunities. The objective is to fund innovative proposals which cross the boundaries of conventional academic disciplines, giving preference to proposals which explore the potential of interactions between the themes of place, learning and technology. Projects are expected to be multi-disciplinary, to cross the traditional boundaries of Government departments and sectors.

Proposals can be submitted until the 3rd of April 2017, 12.00 CET.

All information about the call and the contact details of the participating funding organisations can be found on the website.


Highlights of the JPI MYBL Conference in Rome

On the first two days of December 2016 the JPI MYBL Conference took place, entitled 'Health, Ageing and Migration: new patterns of demographic change. Past work and future challenges of the JPI MYBL'. The interesting program included presentations from internationally renowned experts, introductions from research projects recently funded by JPI MYBL and discussion groups on relevant themes. The conference took place on the pleasant campus of the Catholic University of The Sacred Heart and University Policlinic A. Gemelli Foundation in Rome.

A total of 189 visitors from 20 different European and non-European countries participated. The Conference was streamed on the JPI MYBL website resulting in an average of 140 web-visits. The participants received the latest scientific results on ageing populations and new patterns of demographic change and held lively discussions about challenges presented by migration, welfare models in a changing Europe and health trends in ageing population.

Presentations are available on the JPI MYBL website.


Second call on understanding welfare models: 5 projects started

The JPI MYBL Joint Transnational Call launched in January 2016 on “Welfare, Wellbeing and Demographic Change: Understanding Welfare Models” funded 5 projects that have recently started:

• AgeWellAccounts: Age-Specific Wellbeing- and Transfer Accounts: Evaluating Intergenerational Support (Austria, France, Italy)

• CIRCLE: Care and Income Redistributive Cycles in the Lives of Europeans (Italy, Belgium, Spain)

• CREW: Care, retirement and wellbeing of older people across different welfare regimes (Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Canada)

• EMMY: European Welfare Models and Mental Wellbeing in Final Years of Life (Finland, Norway, Spain, Italy)

• WELTRANSIM: Demographic change and intra and intergenerational distribution: Modelling the impact of different welfare models (Spain, Finland, Austria)

Further information on each of the projects can be obtained on the JPI MYBL website.


Fast-track project on Demographic Change and Migration

The JPI MYBL launches a new fast-track project on the implications of migration for an ageing society, that will take place between February and July 2017. Renowned experts from the member countries Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom will provide a comparative overview of their countries’ recent history of migration, and analyse the relationship between migration and health, employment, pensions and public attitudes. Corresponding developments in other countries and at the European level will also be addressed. A report will be published at the end of the project and this will feed into the ongoing update of the JPI MYBL Strategic Research Agenda.


Brochure JPIs: addressing societal challenges

Today, there are 10 Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) with the aim to tackle Grand Societal Challenges. In a new brochure they explain the benefits of participating in a Joint Programming Initiative. In addition to the general introduction to Joint Programming all JPIs developed a factsheet with an overview of member countries, objectives and key achievements. The general brochure and each of the 10 factsheets (leaflets) on the particular JPIs are available on the JPI MYBL website.


JPI MYBL on social media

JPI MYBL is active on social media. To keep informed about JPI MYBL and its activities, please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and subscribe to the newsletter on our website.


Upcoming Events

JPI MYBL events

• February 9-10, 2017: AAL / COST / JPI MYBL workshop – Brussels, Belgium (invitation only)  

JPI MYBL internal meetings

• March 9, 2017: Workshop on first experiences of the JPI MYBL – The Hague, The Netherlands

• March 22, 2017: Meeting of working group on Fast Track ‘Demographic change and migration’ – Berlin, Germany

• April 20, 2017: J-Age II Annual Review Meeting – European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

• June 19-21, 2017: General Assembly meeting of the JPI MYBL – Montréal, Canada


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