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July 2017 - Third Issue

• Call 2017: review of proposals

• Statement JPI Chairs

• SRA update in progress

• Joint workshop on Ageing and Technology

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Call 2017: review of proposals

The third call initiated by the JPI More Years Better Lives with the topic Ageing and place in a digitising world was launched in January 2017 and closed on the 3rd of April. 30 proposals were succesfully submitted, involving 121 researchers. In total 11 funding organisations from 10 different countries participated in the call. The Peer Review Panel meeting, where the proposals are assessed by experts, will take place on 6-7 September 2017 in Madrid. Decisions about successful projects shall be made by the end of September. The research projects selected for funding will start at the beginning of 2018.

Content of the call
The third call is concerned with the ways in which the wellbeing of older people, at all stages of later life, is supported and promoted through the design of the physical environment, the use of technologies of all kinds, and access to opportunities for learning. The objective is to attract innovative investigations which cross the boundaries of conventional academic disciplines, giving preference to proposals which explore the potential of interactions between the themes of place, learning and technology.

JPI MYBL activities

The JPI MYBL supports research through joint calls for proposals. Projects are expected to be multi-disciplinary and to cross the traditional boundaries of Government, departments and sectors.

Read more about the call


Statement JPI Chairs: tackling societal challenges today and tomorrow

The chairs of the 10 Joint Programming Initiatives produced a statement about the future of joint programming. The aim of the statement is to bring attention to the relevance and added value of the JPIs focused on transnational research and development. This joint paper was written in the context of the interim evaluation of Horizon2020, but most of all in view of the next Framework Program (FP9).

The chairs state that ”JPIs have brought greater visibility to EU research and are recognized as contributing to the building of the European Research Area by creating new fora for countries to work together, and by developing cooperation among JPI countries and also with the EC. Moreover, JPIs are involving their respective key stakeholders for ensuring that research results will respond to those stakeholders’ needs. To date they are the most effective way to mobilise national research capacities for a more efficient coordination in addressing the Grand Challenges of our time. They are also the most successful European examples of transnational, long-term, mission-oriented RDI programmes. “

The statement was presented to the High Level Group of Joint Programming (GPC) in June 2017.

Read the whole statement


SRA update in progress

One of the current goals of the JPI More Years Better Lives is to provide an update of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) that was published in 2014. The SRA explains the rationale for the JPI, outlines the key issues and identifies the priority research issues which the JPI aims to address.

Updating process
The update is taking place in close collaboration with the main bodies of the JPI MYBL; the General Assembly (GA), Steering Committee, the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and the Societal Advisory Board (SOAB). Their overall conclusion was that the original version of the SRA needs adjustments to reflect new developments and lessons learned. It will outline what JPI MYBL has achieved to date, and what we plan to do in the future.

The work on the SRA update started early 2016 and continued in November 2016 with a survey to the GA, SAB and SOAB members seeking advice and ideas on emerging research themes for the SRA. In May 2017 both the Scientific and the Societal Advisory Board provided input on the draft text. The final draft of the SRA update is planned to be complete in August this year, the General Assembly will assess this version in October. After their approval it will be disseminated widely.    

Read more about the SRA


Joint workshop on Ageing and Technology

On February 9-10 the JPI More Years Better Lives, the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) programme and the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) organised a joint workshop on Ageing and Technology in Brussels.

The workshop aimed to bring together researchers and others involved in the AAL and MYBL communities with people involved in relevant COST networks, to discuss possible collaboration and provide a platform where new forms of collaboration can start and new networks can be formed. It was organised to boost the collaboration between the research community and developers of technology to provide better ICT-enriched living environments for older people and leading to technologies which are actually used by the target group. During the workshop gaps in current research and development work were identified, as well as areas where issues were already being addressed.
The joint meeting was also meant to inform about the objectives and funding opportunities in JPI MYBL and AAL Programme, and about the support which the COST programme can provide to fund large research networking activities on this topic.

More information:

• The joint workshop (report, related documents and presentations)



• Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Programme


JPI MYBL on social media

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Upcoming Events

JPI MYBL internal meetings

• August 8, 2017: Working group – Fast Track Migration in Berlin, Germany

• October 23-24, 2017: SAB / SOAB meeting in Paris, France

• October 24-25, 2017: Oldest Old workshop in Paris, France

• October 25-26, 2017: JPI MYBL General Assembly meeting in Paris, France

Events in MYBL ERA

• July 23-27, 2017: IAGG, Global event in Ageing in San Francisco, United States of America

• September 14, 2017: JPI Chairs meeting in Brussels, Belgium

• September 15, 2017: The High Level Group on Joint Programming (GPC) meeting in Brussels, Belgium

• October 29 to November 4, 2017: International Population Conference, Cape Town, South Africa


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