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November 2017 - Fourth Issue

• Preliminary results from the First call projects

• Third call on technology, place and learning: 8 projects funded

• Fast-track report on demographic change and migration soon available

• Save the date: International Conference JPI MYBL

• JPI MYBL on social media

• Upcoming Events


Preliminary results from the First call projects

Early 2016 the 5 transnational projects funded within the first joint call entitled ‘Extended Working Life and its Interaction with Health, Well-being and beyond’, started. Since autumn 2016 two networking meetings took place, where the project coordinators met for knowledge exchange, as they have intersections thematic wise. 
Some preliminary results and highlights can be drawn from the first half of their project duration:

EXTEND (Extending working lives of an ageing workforce)
The first empirical analyses suggest that the measures to achieve extension of working lives will exacerbate social inequalities that have existed during the earlier life-course. Their working paper on late-career management won the Best Intervention Competition at the Work, Stress and Health 2017 conference in Minneapolis.

WORKLONG (Impact of interventions and policies on prolonging working life in good health)
Preliminary results show that poor health is associated with loss of paid employment and that there is a higher prevalence of poor health among low educated workers. Two introductory videos about the ageing workforce will be made available through the JPI MYBL website by the end of this year.

FACTAGE (Fairer ACTive AGeing for Europe)
Preliminary results will soon be posted on the projects’ website. Together with Eurofund a conference on working conditions will be held on 24th January 2018.

LONGLIVES (Policies for longer working lives: understanding interactions with health and care responsibilities)
The project LONGLIVES produced an article in the DIW Economic Bulletin about gender-specific differences in retirement income and gender-specific differences in health, the so-called ‘gender health gap’.    

More information on each of the projects can be found on the website.


Third call on technology, place and learning: 8 projects funded

The third Joint Transnational Call with the topic “Ageing and place in a digitising world” was launched in January 2017 and closed on the 3rd of April. 14 National funding agencies from 10 different countries participated with an initial funding commitment of €4,969,157

The call  focused on the ways in which the well-being of older people, at all stages of later life, is supported and promoted through the design of the physical environment, the use of technologies of all kinds, and access to opportunities for learning. The call objective was to attract innovative research proposals which cross the boundaries of conventional academic disciplines, giving preference to proposals which explore the potential of interactions between the themes of place, learning and technology.

The Peer Review Panel meeting took place on 6-7 September 2017 in Madrid, where 30 proposals were reviewed. The 8 projects selected for funding will start at the beginning of 2018. The actual funding costs of the 8 projects are € 6,124,985.

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Fast-track report on demographic change and migration soon available

The third fast track project initiated by the JPI More Years Better Lives and undertaken in 2017, addresses the interrelationship between the two phenomena of demographic change and migration. Experts from nine member countries – Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom – provided a comparative overview of their countries’ recent history of migration and analysed the relationship between migration and health, employment, pensions and public attitudes.

The geographical coverage of the project was also expanded to include chapters on other countries (cf. Czech Republic, Poland, Spain). The country chapters provide an overview of the recent history of migration across countries, specific phenomena of demographic change and migration, and the availability of data on older migrants. The report concludes with specific research gaps and recommendations for joint activities of the JPI MYBL.

The report will be available on the JPI MYBL website by mid December 2017.


Save the date: International Conference JPI MYBL – 13 February 2018

The Joint Programming Initiative More Years Better Lives invites you to its third international conference, entitled Increasing the Knowledge Base on Demographic Change. It will take place on Tuesday 13th of February 2018 in Brussels (Belgium). The conference will stimulate dialogue in the area of Demographic Change between stakeholders including national policy makers, funders, scientists, health care professionals, industry representatives and NGO’s.

Conference themes
The first theme of the conference is the role of JPI MYBL in creating evidence based policies. An overview of the latest achievements of the JPI MYBL and their policy implications will be given, as well as its future objectives. Furthermore, the projects funded under the JPI MYBL joints calls are presenting their preliminary results.
The second main theme of the conference is reaching out to stakeholders and responding to societal needs, as the JPI is working towards sustainable alignment of research programs and stakeholder interaction over the entire research cycle in Europe.

The programme details and registration form are available on the conference webpage.


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Upcoming Events

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•  February 13, 2018: International Conference JPI MYBL in Brussels, Belgium

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• December 13, 2017: Research Policy Group meeting in Berlin, Germany

• February 14, 2018: General Assembly meeting in Brussels, Belgium

• February 14, 2018: Advisory Board’s dialogue with JTC 2015 projects in Brussels, Belgium

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• June 6-9, 2018: European Population Conference 2018 in Brussels, Belgium


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