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January 2018 - Fifth Issue

• Register now! JPI MYBL Conference - 13 February 2018 in Brussels

• New program on Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing started

• Fast Track report Demographic Change and Migration available

• Outcomes from the 'Oldest Old' expert workshop

• Interview with Dr. Heidrun Mollenkopf

• Project summaries of the third Joint Call now available

• Upcoming Events


Register now! JPI MYBL Conference - 13 February 2018 in Brussels 

On Tuesday 13th of February 2018 the third JPI MYBL International Conference entitled ‘Increasing the Knowledge Base on Demographic Change’ will take place. The aim of the conference is to encourage a dialogue about the challenges of Demographic Change between different types of stakeholders; national policy makers, funders, scientists, health care professionals, industry representatives and NGO’s. The conference is still open for registration! (no fee)

Two main themes
1.    The role of JPI MYBL in creating evidence-based policies
2.    Reaching out to stakeholders and responding to societal needs

Date and location
Tuesday February 13th from 08:45 to 13:00 CET at Le Châtelain Brussels Hotel, Brussels (Belgium)

For more information about the Conference, program and registration, please visit the conference page on our website


New program on Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing started

In January 2018, JPI MYBL started a new program called ‘Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing -  A Search for Evidence’. The aim is to better understand what can be done, in the context of demographic change, to promote a society in which the distribution of resources and opportunities is more equal and which promotes the wellbeing of all its people. This program is expected to produce evidence on the relationship between demographic change, equality and wellbeing.

In the first stage, experts will be commissioned to produce papers on nine topics. In the second stage, an event (workshop or conference) will be organised in which all the topics will be discussed together with the GA. The results will not only be disseminated to a wider community of stakeholders, policymakers and researchers, but also used to foster alignment between the work of the JPI, other agencies and programs and to plan the future work of the JPI and its members.

More information will follow at a later stage.


Fast Track report Demographic Change and Migration available

An interdisciplinary group of researchers from nine JPI MYBL member countries analysed existing evidence on the interrelationship between migration and demographic change. In seven months (hence the name ‘Fast Track’) this group of researchers from Europe and Canada identified 55 different research gaps and 14 data infrastructure requirements. These gaps and requirements can be clustered in four main themes addressing questions of how well migrants are received in host societies (Chapter 2), how they fare in the workforce (Chapter 3), in terms of health (Chapter 3) and in the pension system of the host society (Chapter 4).                                                             

The full report presenting the researchers’ findings, including the identified research gaps and recommendations for joint activities of the JPI MYBL, has now been published on the JPI MYBL website.


Outcomes from the 'Oldest Old' expert workshop

In autumn 2017, a group of experts met to discuss the needs and problems of the oldest old (defined as people aged 85 years and older). This is a group that is rapidly increasing in number, and seems to be more active and independent. One of the objectives of the Expert Workshop on the Oldest Old was to identify potential activities for the JPI MYBL to strengthen this research area. The workshop was structured to enable short talks on key issues from the perspective of academic researchers as well as older person’s organisations in the field. It was followed by working group discussions to assess the implications of the findings for future research.

For more information about the content and outcomes of the workshop, please visit our website


Interview with Dr. Heidrun Mollenkopf

Dr. Mollenkopf is Chair of the Societal Advisory Board (SOAB) of the JPI MYBL, Board Member of the BAGSO and Vice President of Age Platform Europe. In this interview she talks about the challenges of demographic change and the role of JPI MYBL in taking up some of these issues. According to Dr. Mollenkopf, reorganising urban spaces and societies is the key to coping with demographic change and the ageing society. To date, however, few cities have started planning for the future. It is now high time to do so. ‘What you do to the benefit of today’s older people will be to the benefit of the older people of tomorrow and to all generations’, said Dr. Mollenkopf.

Read the full interview with Dr. Mollenkopf on our website


Project summaries of the third Joint Call now available

In September 2017, eight projects were selected for funding in the third Joint Transnational Call ‘Ageing and place in a digitising world’. The projects start at the beginning of 2018. The aim of the call was to attract innovative research proposals which cross the boundaries of conventional academic disciplines and explore the potential interactions between the themes of place (physical environment), learning (access to opportunities for learning) and technology (use of technologies of all kinds).

The eight project summaries are now available on our website


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Upcoming Events


JPI MYBL events

• February 13, 2018: JPI MYBL International Conference in Brussels, Belgium

JPI MYBL internal meetings

• February 14, 2018: General Assembly meeting in Brussels, Belgium

• February 14, 2018: Advisory Board’s dialogue with JTC 2015 projects in Brussels, Belgium

• October 17-19, 2018: General Assembly meeting in Vienna, Austria

JPI MYBL events

• June 6-9, 2018: European Population Conference 2018 in Brussels, Belgium



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