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May 2018 - Sixth Issue

• JPI MYBL Internal Working Conference Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing – 4 October 2018 in Venice, Italy (by invitation only)

• Highlights of the Third JPI MYBL Conference in Brussels

• First Progress Dialogue Meeting

• JPI MYBL represented in Brazil during the INCOBRA Scoping Workshop

• Upcoming Events


JPI MYBL Internal Working Conference Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing – 4 October 2018 (by invitation only)

The Working Conference of the Programme Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing will take place on Thursday 4th October 2018 at the Venice International University (VIU) based on San Servolo Island (Venice, Italy). During this Working Conference state of the art reports on eight topics will be presented by their authors.

The aims of this Working Conference are to:

• Discuss the content of the reports and agree on the next steps to take per topic in order to plan future work by the JPI and its members;

• Foster alignment between the work of the JPI and other agencies and programmes;

• and to inform the wider community of stakeholders, policymakers and researchers.

Working Conference Topics

The topics are Public attitudes, Engagement, Inter/Intra-generational relationships, Relationship between paid and unpaid work, Policy Integration, Measures of wellbeing, quality of life and health, Migration and demography and the oldest old.

For more information about this Programme, please visit the website.


Highlights of the Third JPI MYBL Conference in Brussels

On the 13th of February 2018, the third JPI MYBL Conference entitled ‘Increasing the Knowledge Base on Demographic Change’ took place at the Hotel Le Châtelain in Brussels. The Conference focused on the two main themes, the role of the JPI MYBL in creating evidence-based policies and reaching out to stakeholders and responding to societal needs.

The Programme included:

• Presentations highlighting a funded project from the first JPI MYBL Joint Translational Call, the third Fast Track Project on Demographic Change and Migration and the new exploratory Programme on Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing

• Poster Pitches by all 18 JPI MYBL funded projects in the three Joint Translational Calls  

• A keynote about JPI MYBL on Global Stage by guest speaker Dr. Ritu Sadana from WHO

• and Panel discussion on reaching out to stakeholders and responding to societal needs

The presentations are available on the website.

A total of ninety visitors from sixteen different countries participated. During the Conference, short interviews with the Chair of JPI MYBL, Chair of the Scientific and Societal Advisory Board, Steering Committee member, Senior Health advisor from the WHO and researchers were filmed.

These Conference Videos are posted on the website.


First Progress Dialogue Meeting

On the 14th of February, JPI MYBL organised its first Progress Dialogue Meeting in Brussels. The meeting aimed to bring together the project coordinators from the first Joint Translational Call and their stakeholders with representatives from the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and Societal Advisory Board (SOAB) to improve the communication and information flow between the JPI MYBL and its funded projects. It was also organised to stimulate the collaboration and knowledge exchange among the projects and enhance the dialogue between the projects and JPI MYBL in order to track  the focus and developments of the projects and to monitor progress and guide the projects.

During the meeting, the following aspects were discussed:

• Progress, highlights and impact of the projects;

• Involvement of stakeholders on local, national and international level;

• Policy framing;

• and Research and capacity building (collaboration with other researchers)

The projects also received advice on how to increase stakeholder involvement, for example by using the network of the SOAB members and through writing & discussing brief attractive policy papers describing the main results and policy proposals with relevant stakeholders.

As the participants indicated that the meeting was successful and relevant, JPI MYBL will also organise progress dialogue meetings for the other funded projects grouped by Joint Call.


JPI MYBL represented in Brazil during the INCOBRA Scoping Workshop

In March 2018, JPI MYBL was presented during a Scoping Workshop of Increasing International Science, Technology and Innovation between Brazil and the European Union (INCOBRA) in Brazil.

The aims of the Workshop were to:

• Stimulate the discussion on how to align and harmonise their Research & Innovation funding priorities, policies, programmes and instruments bilaterally

• Align with relevant EU Programmes (such as H2020) and translational initiatives, such as Joint Programming Initiatives and ERA-NET Cofund actions

The objectives of the presentation were to:

• Introduce JPI MYBL and explain its aims

• Describe the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and the instruments (such as Fast Track Activities or Joint Translational Calls)

• Provide an insight into the new developments (such as the exploratory programme Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing)

• Offer other countries the possibility to join JPI MYBL

For more information, please visit the website.


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Upcoming Events


JPI MYBL events

• September 19-20, 2018: JPI Chairs Conference - Ten years JPI achievements and the way forward in Vienna, Austria

JPI MYBL internal meetings

• June 20, 2018: J-AGE II Review Rehearsal Meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

• June 26-27, 2018: General Assembly Meeting in Oslo, Norway

• July 3, 2018: J-AGE II Review Meeting in Brussels, Belgium

• October 4, 2018: Working Conference Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing in Venice, Italy

• October, 2018: SAB/SOAB Meeting in Vienna, Austria (date to be confirmed)

• October 17-18, 2018: General Assembly Meeting in Vienna, Austria

JPI MYBL events

• June 6-9, 2018: European Population Conference 2018 in Brussels, Belgium


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