Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a working body that provides scientific advice to the General Assembly (GA) and actively contributes to shaping the JPI, securing scientific excellence. The GA requests advice from the SAB on their strategic and implementation plans as well as on communication and dissemination of its results.

The SAB will continuously explore the development in the field of demographic change to update the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA); it will mediate the contacts with the scientific community, both European and international, and suggest initiatives to foster joint programming including the alignment of R&D efforts and infrastructures.

The SAB currently consists of 15 researchers who are experts in at least one of the four research domains of the SRA of the JPI MYBL. The Chair and vice Chair are chosen by the members and approved by the GA.

SAB MemberOrganization Discipline
Stephen McNair (Chair)Freelance ResearcherEducation
Johan Fritzell (Vice Chair)Karolinska Institutet/Stockholm UniversitySociology
Anne MeißnerUniversity of HildesheimNursing Science
Christine le ClaincheUniversity of LilleHealth Economy
Clemens Tesch-RömerGerman Centre of GerontologyPsychology
Erik BuskensUniversity of GroningenMedicine
Eskil WadensjöSwedisch Institute for Social ResearchEconomy
Georg RuppeAustrian Interdisciplinary Platform on AgeingAgeing and Public Health
Janice KeefeNova Scotia Centre on AgingSocial Science
Jens DangschatVienna University of TechnologySociology
Kai LeischenringEuropean Centre for Social Welfare Policy and ResearchSocial Policy
Luis MorenoSpanish National Research CouncilSocial Science
Lynn McDonaldUniversity of Toronto Social Work/Ageing
Marja Jylhä University of TampereGerontology
Sibylle Olbert BockUniversity of Applied Sciences St. GallenEconomy
Viviana EgidiUniversity of RomeDemography