Ten JPIs

Chairs’ Declaration of the 10 Joint Programming Initiatives

Driving Research and Innovation to Address Societal Challenges

Creating robust evidence to tackle pressing global challenges and building capacities in research, policy and society to act on these is more urgent than ever. Over the last ten years, JPIs have proven to be effective strategic partnerships that significantly enhance the European Research Area. They provide unique portfolios of instruments that are designed to address those challenges and inform transitions towards sustainable futures. By doing so, JPIs are contributing to achieving key global goals included under the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The declaration was presented on the occasion of the Joint Programming Conference under the Austrian Presidency of the European Council (20 September 2018, Vienna) and can be downloaded here.

Download: Declaration “Driving research and innovation to address global challenges”

A new video on the Joint Programming Initiatives was also presented at the conference.


JPIs launch brochure highlighting key achievements

At the fifth anniversary of the launch of the second wave of Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI), the ten initiatives present a new brochure and factsheets on all JPIs.

The new folder explains the benefits of participating in a Joint Programming Initiative, provides an overview of the governance model and highlights the implementation actions for transnational cooperation. In addition to the general introduction to Joint Programming all JPIs developed a factsheet with an overview of member countries, objectives and key achievements.

The brochure was presented at the Annual Joint Programming Conference on 22-23 November 2016 in Brussels and can be downloaded here


Joint Programming Initiatives?

Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) were launched via European Council conclusions in 2009 with the aim to tackle the Grand Societal Challenges. JPIs are Member State-led, bringing together national research funding organisations, ministries and research councils both in Europe and further afield. This ambition of aligning national programmes, strategies and policies extends beyond the matching of RD&I funds. The alignment process covers various phases, from setting joint objectives and forging a common vision and a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda between countries to developing appropriate framework conditions and selecting appropriate instruments. After the first four JPIs paved the way, we celebrated the launch of the second wave of JPIs by the Council exactly 5 years ago on 6 December 2011.