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Short introduction ( aim, goal of project, when did this project start?)

As societies age, the well-being of the elderly becomes an important societal challenge. CREW builds an interdisciplinary team of researchers from six institutions in five countries (Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada), to examine the interrelationships between care, work, health and wellbeing. Specifically, the project investigates (1) the determinants of health and wellbeing at older age; (2) the patterns of caregiving, and their impact on wellbeing and social participation of older people; (3) pension systems; and (4) wellbeing of older adults without close kin. Gender and welfare policies are the transversal themes of each research topic.

The official starting date is 1 January 2017. However, due to delays in the approval of funding by some of the national funding agencies, the actual starting date of the activities in some countries has been postponed.

What kind of impact on the society is expected?

Our project fills key policy-relevant gaps in existing research, ultimately contributing to knowledge which inform policies to enhance successful ageing for both men and women and for people of different socio-economic groups. Our communication plan includes a variety of tools and ideas to inform the scientific community, policy makers, non-governmental bodies, and the wide public about our findings. Using rich, comparative, longitudinal data, the analyses will explore how important experiences during later life, such as caregiving and retirement, affect older people’s health and well-being. This will provide policy makers with a clearer picture of the challenges and opportunities faced by an ageing society. The outputs of the project will inform policy makers in four specific areas:

  • Identifying key determinants of health and well-being in later life,
  • The Consequences of Caregiving,
  • The interrelationships between Work, Care and Well-being,
  • The Consequences of Ageing Alone.

Which phase of your project are you at the moment?

Hiring of PhD students and post-doctoral investigators who will be part of the CREW project.


Did your project receive some external feedback (from possible stakeholder, national journals, etc…)?

Not yet.

What are the phases planned for the immediate future? 

Complete hiring of PhD students and post-doctoral investigators; plan the work with the new teams’ members; plan the second consortium meeting scheduled for June 2018 in Brussel.




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