Short introduction (aim, goal of project, when did this project start?)

Project started 1 May 2016. Please see the fiche: http://www.factage.eu/assets/Flyer%20FACTAGE%20-%20Final.pdf

What kind of impact on the society is expected?

From the fiche: “FACTAGE will provide evidence on policy approaches across EU countries that are favourable to extending working careers and improving well-being in later life, whilst also generating wider societal, micro- and macroeconomic benefits.”

Which phase of your project are you at the moment? 

We are still in the initial research phase, but results will soon come out.

Did you already get any preliminary results?

Will be posted very soon.

Did your project receive some external feedback (from possible stakeholder, national journals, etc…)?

Yes, we have done two events so far.

One in March in Vienna and one in April in Brussels. See: http://www.factage.eu/news.html

What are the phases planned for the immediate future? 

Further releases of results and a conference on working conditions arrange jointly with Eurofound on January 24.


Download the project’s brochure.

Download the project’s conference poster.