Short introduction (aim, goal of project, when did this project start?)

The LONGLIVES project started in March 2016. It focuses on two key factors related to the interest in extending working lives among policymakers across Europe: the relationship of longer working lives with health and caring responsibilities.

What kind of impact on the society is expected?

LONGLIVES brings together expertise from four countries – Denmark, Germany, France and the UK – to shed new light on how longer working lives might affect health and well-being of the older population, and how caring responsibilities may relate to individuals’ work lives. A core focus of the project is understanding differences in these effects across the population and the resulting impact on inequality.


Are the results in line with your a priori expectation?

As for work package 1 (WP 1: Inequalities and policies at older ages: a comparative approach), we have recently published a first report on gender differences in retirement income and health across countries. In our most recent cross-national project meeting, we mainly discussed preliminary findings and coordinated on remaining steps of  work packages 2 and 3 (WP 2: Longer working lives and the effects on health, WP 3: Caring responsibilities and longer working lives). Results will be made available when our analyses are completed.

Did your project receive some external feedback (from possible stakeholder, national journals, etc…)?

Part of our work has been and will still be further discussed at international workshops and conferences. The feedback we received so far was positive, constructive, and helps us to extend and improve our analyses.

What are the phases planned for the immediate future? 

We are currently working on the remaining steps for WP 2 and WP 3. The results of these work packages will then provide the basis for WP 4 (WP 4: The outlook for labour supply, health and care giving and the possible effects of alternative policies).


Download the project’s brochure.

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