Policymakers are facing particular challenges related to rising life expectancy, a shift in the age profile of the population and the consequent increase in the prevalence of chronic illness and disability.

Increases in life expectancy are not experienced equally – there are inequalities that are frequently overlooked in policy-making. Less skilled workers, for example, have a shorter life expectancy, earlier onset of chronic illness and disability, are more likely to suffer from multiple health conditions as they get older. Policymakers in Europe and Canada urgently need to develop strategies that fairly extend working life taking these health inequalities into account. Our aim is therefore to conduct international research that advances our understanding of the differential impacts of health inequalities on the opportunity to work later in life and of strategies and policies for extending working life that take these health inequalities into consideration.

Project Information

Thrive – Tackling health inequalities and extending working lives

Duration: 2016 – 2019

Project Coordinator: Margaret Whitehead, University of Liverpool

Partners: United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Canada