Event: Final Seminar JTC 2015

You are invited to join the live stream of the final seminar of JPI MYBL’s first joint transnational call entitled ‘Extended Working Life and its Interaction with Health, Wellbeing and beyond’. The five funded projects which started in 2015 will present their results during this seminar in Helsinki.

You can follow the seminar via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfVf2Ec1a5M

Programme Outline

Wednesday 30 October 2019, 08.30-12.30 EET

08.30-08.40Edvard BeemWelcome from the chair
08.40-09.10Gerd NaegeleEXTEND
Extending working lives of an ageing workforce
09.10-09.40Ben BarrTHRIVE
Tackling health inequalities and extending working lives
09.40-10.10Mikkel BarslundFACTAGE
Fairer active ageing for Europe
10.10-10.30Coffee Break
10.30-11.00Paul BingleyLONGLIVES
Policies for longer working lives: understanding interactions with health and care responsibilities
11.00-11.30Alex BurdorfWORKLONG
Impact of interventions and policies on prolonging working life in good health: an international study
11.30-12.30TBDReflections based on the full set of five projects (joint policy paper)