Age, women and employment: An evaluation

In 2005, due to the low employment rate among older – particularly female – workers, the Belgian government set up the “Intergenerational solidarity pact”. This pact comprises a large number of measures intended to keep older workers longer in employment and also to get them back to work. This study aims at evaluating the overall effectiveness of employment policies targeting

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Family Diversity and its Challenges

Family Diversity and its Challenges for Policy Makers in Europe (2017)   Population Europe’s discussion paper series provides in-depth insights into contemporary discussions among demographic experts from research, policy and civil society at the European level. The aim of this discussion paper is to provide up-to-date empirical evidence and policy recommendations related to family issues in Europe. The content presented

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Ageing and Technology, MYBL-COST-AAL joint workshop (9-10 February)

Three relevant European initiatives have agreed to collaborate and to jointly address some of the key issues in their fields regarding information and communication technologies, which are of interest to the research and innovation community.   This workshop jointly organised by the Joint Programming Initiative on Demographic Change “More Years, Better Lives” (JPI MYBL), COST and the Active and Assisted Living (AAL)

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Life expectancy to break 90 barrier by 2030

Imperial College London and the World Health Organization analysed lifespans in 35 industrialised countries. It predicted all would see people living longer in 2030 and the gap between men and women would start to close in most countries. The researchers said the findings posed big challenges for pensions and care for elderly people… read more

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Work till you drop

Work till you drop: when will you retire — and do you want to? In the article published by The Guardian, Prof. Alan Walker, director of the New Dynamics of Ageing programme and leader of the  EXTEND project funded under JPI MYBL Joint Transnational Call 2015,  claimed that although some employers are positive about the contribution of older workers, age discrimination

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JPI MYBL 2016 Rome Conference

  JPI MYBL Conference on Health, Ageing and Migration On the first two days of December the JPI MYBL Conference will take place, entitled ‘Health, Ageing and Migration: new patterns of demographic change. Past work and future challenges of the JPI MYBL’. Day 1 will be dedicated to an overview from experts on hot topics related to demographic change and presentations

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