Internal JPI MYBL Working Conference on Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing

The purpose of the programme is to better understand what can be done, in the context of demographic change, to promote a society in which the distribution of resources and opportunities is more equitable, and which promotes the wellbeing of all its people.


Societal and scientific advisory boards identified eight topics in need of attention and member states took the lead in taking them further: Public attitudes (open), Engagement (Norway), Inter/Intra-generational relationships (Belgium), Relationship between paid and unpaid work (the Netherlands), Policy Integration (open), Measures of wellbeing, quality of life and health (UK), Migration and demography (Sweden), New care technologies” (Germany) and Oldest Old (Austria)The programme aims to produce, in a relatively short timescale, evidence on the relationship between demographic change, equality and wellbeing.


On 4 October 2018, the authors and all JPI MYBL bodies will come together in the Working Conference to discuss the reports and to decide on the next steps per topic. The papers and associated workshops on the eight topics can be used to plan future work by the JPI MYBL and its members; to foster alignment between the work of the JPI and other agencies and programmes; and to inform the wider community of stakeholders, policymakers and researchers.
For more information about this programme, please read the outline document!