Conference videos

The Vlogs are made during the third JPI MYBL Conference by Denice Moi Thuk Shung (JPI MYBL Secretariat), Carola Havers (Communication collaborator at ZonMw) and Chaan Khemai (JPI MYBL Programme assistant). 

Vlog Title: JPI MYBL Brussels Conference Vlog I


In this Vlog Chaan provides a general introduction and interviews
Dr. Edvard Beem (JPI MYBL Chair) about his presentation of the aim and objectives of JPI MYBL and his introduction of the conference theme “Increasing the Knowledge Base on Demographic Change”;
Dr. Yves Joanette (JPI MYBL Steering Committee member) about the panel discussion “Reaching out and responding to societal needs” he moderated;
and Dr. Ritu Sadana (Senior Health Advisor at WHO Department Ageing and Life course) who presented four strategies to enable JPI MYBL to increase its reach on the Global Stage

Vlog Title: JPI MYBL Brussels Conference Vlog II

In this Vlog Chaan interviews
Dr. Mikkel Barslund (Research fellow at Centre for European Policy Studies) about the Research Project FACTAGE from the first JPI MYBL Call “Extended Working Life and its Interaction with Health, Wellbeing and beyond“;
Dr. Peter Huber (Senior Researcher at Austrian Institute for Economic Research) about the Fast Track Project Demographic Change and Migration;
Dr. Heidrun Mollenkopf (Chair Societal Advisory Board JPI MYBL) and Dr. Stephen McNair (Chair Scientific Advisory Board JPI MYBL) who presented the new JPI MYBL programme on Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing;
Dr. Simone Carlo (Academic coordinator and media researcher at Catholic University) who gave a poster pitch about the Research Project HARVEST from the third JPI MYBL Call “Ageing and place in a digitising world
All presentations of the JPI MYBL Conference Increasing the Knowledge Base on Demographic Change are available on the website